PICkit2 and Debian Etch

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How to program PIC under Debian Etch

I have had some time in the last weekend, to get up and running my PICkit2 programmer. It was working in a virtual Wind*ws XP environment without any problem. The steps needed to get it working under linux:

Grab and compile this.

Copy pk2cmd, PK2DeviceFile.dat and PK2V023200.hex to /usr/local/bin directory.

As root issue the commands (chown and setuid):

chown root.root pk2cmd
chmod +s pk2cmd

Create the file /etc/udev/rules.d/026-microchip.rules with this content:

SYSFS{idVendor}==\"04d8\",SYSFS{idProduct}==\"0033\", MODE=\"0660\" 

Restart udev

/etc/init.d/udev restart

Detach and attach PICkit2.

It should work now. Check this as regular user issue the command:

pk2cmd -?V
Executable Version: 1.12.00
Device File Version: 1.52.00
OS Firmware Version: 2.01.00 

After firmware upgrade (on other pc):

Executable Version:    1.12.00
Device File Version:   1.52.00
OS Firmware Version:   2.32.00 

List connected PICkits2 by firmware:

pk2cmd -s#

Blank check PIC18F458 by invoking:

pk2cmd -PPIC18F458 -C

Erase PIC18F458 by invoking:

pk2cmd -PPIC18F458 -E

Program PIC18F458 by invoking:

pk2cmd -PPIC18F458 -Ffirmware.hex -M

Verify program by invoking:

pk2cmd -PPIC18F458 -Ffirmware.hex -Y

If you have more PICkits2 assign (only one is attached) a nickname to each one using the

pk2cmd -N nickname ...

use the preferred PICkit2 (if more is connected) with

pk2cmd -s nickname ...

If you know how to use without setuid please tell it to me!
Enjoy your working PICkit2 under linux!

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