An envelope reviews "There's an upside and a downside to fast tempo because when teams go fast tempo, there's a lot of things they can't do at the line. We try to create an advantage for us by being able to give them negative plays, and I think if we can do that it can hurt them with their up tempo."

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Creation of the Wineliqueur

The name might sounds silly, but the taste. That it is! I prefer to try it out!

1st variant:

  • 1litre wine
  • 25dkg sugar
  • 3 packets vanilla (3x 10grams)
  • 3-4 rum and rum flavour

2nd variant:

  • 1litre wine
  • 40dkg sugar
  • 3-4 rum and rum flavour
  • 1pc. vanilla stick

3rd variant:

  • 2litres wine
  • 50dkg sugar
  • 5dl water
  • 5dl sour cherry fluid (!)
  • 1dl Cuba rum
  • 2 packets vanilla (2x 10g)
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