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I using linux since approx. 1997. I have decided to use only linux at about 2003. In the beginning it was not so easy, but it can easly acquire a taste for linux. Mainly after I figured out how big the freedom is. I can do much more, compared to an MS opeartion system.

Using this system even as a user I can customise almost everything. In way, that I cannot damage the files of other users (of course if the default config is not altered). Furthermore, it is really a multiuser environment, which handles the system resources in a consistent fashion.


Everybody recommends this system, it has its own benefits.\\First, I was thought I try some others before it, because I do not know linux very well. I started with Redhat. After a while I stitched to Mandrake, and later to SuSe. After 1 year Suse, I tried Debian. Finally, I am not disappointed with it, it was a very good choice. It would be better if I would try it earlier.

I prefer to everybody, even when (s)he use any other distribution, to try it out on a separate patrition and decide afterward.

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