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Welcome dear visitor

On 26th of November, in year 2010, at 11:32 my daughter: Gréta, with 3700g and 52cm length come to this world. Her voice, from the first moment is perfect and she practice as much as possible. She is very interested in this world, since she is continuously looking at everything, with her big eyes. You can find some pictures in the Gallery.

I am interested in electronics, programming microcontrollers, creating PC programs and related things.

There is a very good text processor, that I would like to recommend, it is called LyX. Work with it, if you would like to make your life easier. You can create your thesis very easly, as well books or publications.

There are also some recipe, I would like to share. I hope after you try them you will like them.

However my time is strictly limited, I started to study Python, and I enjoy it. With PyQt, we can create multiplatform GUIs quickly.

If you have questions or you want send suggestions/corrections please send me e-mail to .

Have a good reading,

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